Credit card debt is at an all-time high. With new credit card laws that came in on January 1st whereby a lender needs to ensure you repay your credit card debt within three years of approval means there will be many who may not receive an approval because the amount they need won’t fit into the new criteria.


For those who already have credit card debt, they simply will have to continue to pay it off as they go. Many may have multiple cards with thousands owing on them. We may be able to assist by negotiating with either the lender or the external resolution company to have interest cease to be charged and reducing their debt by the lender agreeing to write off a proportion.


If you are concerned about losing your home because of credit card debt we can discuss consolidation of all your debts into one loan, therefore, paying less interest. This will also assist you in maintaining a good credit rating. The key then will be to live within your means and cut up your cards. This will be subject to normal lending criteria. 



Credit Card debt of over $200,000 by a successful business person. A mortgage of some $380,000. His situation changes through no fault of his own. We negotiated a reduction of credit card debt down to $70,000 no more interest to be paid, over time further negotiations to reduce his debt by the lender reducing the credit card debt to $35,000 by the waiver of debt, he kept his home and more importantly kept a good credit rating. We have a saying that sometimes “Bad Things Can Happen To Good People”.