Rural and Agricultural funding is a specialist area. We at SJF understand this and are proud to be able to offer funding to our rural friends who sometimes are the forgotten ones.


When it comes to assessing such applications we look outside the square and even though we may need financial accounts the assessment is based on also the future cash flow requirements of the business. Therefore even though the business may have been operating at a loss does not mean we can’t help.


Structured Funding is also available to ensure your repayments can be met when income comes in seasonally.


It doesn’t matter what structure you operate under we can accommodate.


Our funding partners are well equipped to assist with the needs of the industry whether it is:


  • Refinancing your current business.

  • Refinancing property holdings including acreage, housing, shedding etc

  • Financing new equipment

  • Acquisitions

  • Financing Specialized Businesses-Such as

  • Chicken Breeding Sheds to meet contractual obligations​

  • Dairy Farms

  • Or any other Agri/Rural Business